Explosion of red fruits such as raspberry or cherry with notes of wood. Very fresh in the mouth maintaining balance and with a smooth throat passage.
Its red color stands out with almost bluish purple flashes. A real pleasure for the senses.
Type of wine and vintage: TINTO BARRICA 2018
Production: 40.000 BOT.
Alcoholic graduation: 14,00% by Vol.
6 months in American Oak barrels
Characteristics of the vineyard: SELECTION AMONG OUR VINEYARDS Varietal composition: 100% TINTA DEL PAÍS (Tempranillo)
Visual phase: Marked dark cherry red color, with almost bluish purple rims. High layer, of great density. It is clean and bright.

Olfactory phase: Very expressive and intense nose. An explosion of red fruits such as raspberries, cherries, .. Well assembled with notes of wood that go to the background such as vanilla, coffee, mocha, ...

Taste phase: In the mouth it is fresh, wide and pleasant. Smooth and balanced mid palate, keeping the acidity in balance. The finish is long and meaty, with a slight bitterness that denotes variety and persistence.
Due to its natural elaboration without chemical additives that ensure its stability, and taking into account the great phenolic load of this wine, it is possible to find some precipitate in the bottle, which does not modify its organoleptic qualities or their quality, therefore we recommend their decantation before serving at the table.